Outdoor Fun

The Underwater World

There are many beautiful creations found under the sea just like we find outside it. From various types of plants, to corals, to different types of fish and other sea animals. These creatures are all different and beautiful in their own way. From the variations in their colours to sizes to their forms. There are many activities people can do in the sea from leisure to living. One of the main activities people do is fishing techniques. Fishing is mostly done as a means of living, in the sense it is mostly used for eating purposes, a large population in the world consumes sea food as part of their diet.

Fishing for a living

Fishing has been an activity that has been practiced from ancient times. The main purpose of fishing is for food. People wait to catch fish to eat. For some people fish is the meal a whole family would feed on. There are many different types of fish that people consume. Some of these fish are sheer, shark, tuna, salmon, sardine and even shrimps, squids and lobsters.

Techniques for fishing

There are many different types of techniques people have been using for fishing. Hand gathering is a method where people gather creatures by diving into the water or digging through the mud specially to catch creatures like lobsters and crabs. Netting is another means where nets are used to catch the fish. Another technique is spearfishing where sharp tools are used to catch the fish, similarly there are many other methods that are used.

Fishing for breeding

Nowadays there are many other modern means as well, like fishing boats and Port Phillip Bay fishing charters, these vessels can be used to carry more people for fishing purposes. Nowadays people fish not only for themselves, but they fish in large quantities to sell them in the market. Similarly rare fish are also caught so that they can be bred separately with special care and food, either for saving the species or for consuming.

Other reasons for fishing

Fishing nowadays is also practiced by many people not only for food but also for recreational purposes and for the passion of learning about sea animals. People like to fish and examine what sort of creatures are there and to study the sea animals. Similarly, they also want to keep these sea animals in aquariums for people to get a chance to see. There are many reasons today for why people fish and there are even different types of methods for fishing as well, from olden techniques to modern techniques. Besides all this, eating fish is really healthy, it has many properties that help people be healthy. Sea food is also very delicious.